Prevention and solving COVID-19 pandemic problems

As the COVID-19 pandemic situations in 2021 were severer than the 2020 situations with continual increased number of COVID-19 patients daily, it resulted in crisis on accessible to medical treatment system of the COVID-19 infected people and impact to the household economy. In order to prevent and solve these problems and to minimize suffering of the people, the Bangsaphan communities, the public health personnel, and the operating officers jointly carried out the following operations, both in the Bangsaphan community and the central part:   

Save Bangsaphan Cooperation Project

The Company with co-operation of the local government agencies, community leaders and the communities arranged the COVID-19 prevention measures in Bangsaphan communities, by dividing into 3 parts as follows:

  1. Cooperation with the relevant public sectors and networks for problems prevention and solution
  • Attended joint meetings with the public sectors and the private sectors in Bangsaphan District to plan the COVID-19 prevention and control measures.
  • Attended the meeting and plan on vaccination to the employees with Prachuap Khirikhan Provincial Public Health Office.
  • Coordinated with Bangsaphan Public Health Agency on proactive screening of COVID-19 to the employees in the risky group. 

Coordinated with Bangsaphan Public Health Agency on arrangement of field hospitals in the establishment or Factory Accommodation Insolation (FAI).

2. Protective equipment support

  • Negative pressure room in out-patient and accident building, Bangsaphan Hospital
  • 1 Freezer for COVID-19 vaccines, at Bangsaphan Hospital
  • 1,040 pieces of N95 masks to Bangsaphan Hospital
  • Infrared temperature meters and alcohol gel for hand sanitation to the communities in 71 villages of 7 sub-districts in Bangsaphan District and 42 educational institutes in Bangsaphan District.
  • Face shield to 5 sub-district screening operation units in 4 sub-districts of Bangsaphan.
  • Half-Half co-payment project, where the Bangsaphan people, medical personnel, operating officers, village public health volunteer and volunteer officers of Bangsaphan District pay half the price and the Sahaviriya Steel Group pay the other half for purchasing goods and food from the mobile vehicles to minimize their expenses.
  • Jointly work with public sector volunteer teams to improve areas to support for COVID-19 patients of Bangsaphan Hospital.

3. Communication support for hazard prevention

  • Arranged SaveBangsaphan Facebook fan page
    • To communicate government measures, cooperation of private sectors and important knowledge relevant to COVID-19
    • To communicate about safety, hazards and prevention
  •  Krachood Market Group via Facebook

To provide a new channel for members of the group to sell products and services

Assistance and Support in Central Areas

  1. Join and support construction of the 10th field hospital, Samut Sakorn Province The Company supported design fees amounting to 200,000 Baht for construction of the field hospital for the project arranged by The Federation of Thai Industries in fighting against COVID-19.  It is the 10th field hospital in Samut Sakorn Province with 200 beds, located in areas of 49 rais beside Tha Chine River bridge, Moo. 1, Tha Chine Sub-district, Muang Samut Sakorn District, Samut Sakorn Province for treating the COVID-19 patients. This project received many supports from various industries who are members of the Federation of Thai Industries.  

2. Support consumer goods, such as provision of SSI Pun Suk Box jointly with Yannawa Metropolitan Police Station, provision of consumer goods to fight against COVID-19 to Supapong Market Community and Lang Rong Jae Community, Bangkok.