Corporate Ethics

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Corporate Ethics

Business ethics of the Company

The Company’s operation is based upon responsibility, transparency, integrity, and competitiveness with fair treatment and responsibility to stakeholders of all groups equally as follows:


The Company realizes that stakeholders are owners of SSI. The Company has the responsibility to create additional value for shareholders in the long term. Thus, the Company sets a guideline for the committee, the management and staffs to follow. The guideline includes:

  1. Taking best responsibility with maximal capability, honesty, carefulness, consideration and fairness to best benefit all stakeholders.
  2. Presenting performance report, financial report and other reports correctly, completely and in time
  3. Informing all shareholders equally about tendency of the future of the Company both positively and negatively based upon possibility that has sufficient information and reasons.
  4. Never seeking profit for self -and others’ interests by using information of the Company that has not been announced to the public yet or do anything that may cause conflict of interest with the Company.


The Company realizes the importance and satisfaction of customers that affect the success of the business. Thus, the Company has strong intention to always seek any methods to answer the need of customers for better efficiency and effectiveness all the time and for customers’ trust according to the following guideline:

  1. Deliver quality products and services that fit the customers’ need or beyond.
  2. Communicate politely with customers, provide customers sufficient, updated and correct information about products and services without exaggeration that may cause misunderstanding about quality, quantity or any condition of such products and services.
  3. Seriously perform in accordance with conditions agreed with customers and in case of inability to follow any condition, it is a must to inform customers speedily for considering and seeking a solution together.
  4. Arrange a system or channel available for customers to complain about quality, quantity and safety of products and services and respond promptly.
  5. Keep customers’ information and never misuse it.
  6. Provide suggestions about methods of the Company’s products usage and services for their best efficiency and benefit.


Business partners
The Company realizes the importance of fair treatment with business partners based upon fair revenue for both sides. The Company always provides facts and accurate reports, performed in accordance with contracts, discussed with partners for a solution based upon business relations as well as avoided any circumstances that may cause conflict of interest by following this guideline:

No demanding, taking or paying any profit indecent in business from customers.
If there is information about demanding, taking or paying any profit indecently, the information related to business partners must be revealed and the problem must be quickly solved.
Strictly perform under any conditions according to the agreements. In case of inability to follow any condition, it is a must to quickly inform business partners in advance to consider and find a solution together.


Business competitors
The Company realizes the importance of fair treatment with business competitors by following the guideline:

  1. Never illegally or improperly search information which is a secret of business competitors
  2. Never destroy reputation of business competitors by accusation/defamation


The Company realizes that staffs are valuable human resource for the success of the Company. Thus, the Company treated staff fairly in terms of payments, opportunities and potential development, based on human rights without discrimination against any individuals due to similarity or difference of race, religion, sex, age or physical condition by following this guideline:

  1. Treat staffs by respect on their individuality and human dignity.
  2. Provide fair payments to staffs
  3. Always keep work safe environment for lives and assets of staffs.
  4. Appoint, transfer, reward and punish staffs with sincerity based upon knowledge, ability and appropriateness of each individual.
  5. Pay attention to the importance of knowledge and ability development of all staffs
  6. Avoid any unfair actions that may affect job security of staffs or any actions that may threaten or pressure staff’s mentality.


The Company realizes the importance of actions based upon laws and business ethics by following laws, rules, regulations and official standards restrictively as well as fully cooperating with those regulators.


Society and community
The Company realizes the importance of corporate social and community responsibility based on the effects on natural resource and environment. Thus, the Company provides support and promotion to various constructive activities for society and community, protects and restores natural resources as well as supports community development continuously to create sustainable development.