General Information

General Information

Type of Business
Manufacture and sale of hot-rolled coils and hot-rolled coil pickled and oiled with maximum capacity of 4.0 million tonnes per year

Company Registration
as a Company Limited on March 13, 1990
as a Public Company Limited on February 24, 1994

February 1994


The Board of Investment promotional certificate
No. 1140/2533 issued on August 8, 1990

Main Machine
Hot Rolling Mill and Push-Pull Pickling Line

Hot-Rolled coil
Weight 5 – 32 tonne/coil
Thickness 0.9-20.0 mm

Hot-Rolled Coil Pickled and Oiled
Weight 5 – 32 tonne/coil
Thickness 1.0-7.0 mm
Width 650-1,650 mm

Raw Material
Steel slab
Weight 5 – 32 tonne/slab
Thickness 160 – 250 mm
Width 750-1,560 mm

To be used as raw material for such industries as construction, pipe & tube, gas cylinder, container, furniture, automotive, and cold rolled steel

Registered Capital
871,646,772,055.00 baht as of 15/01/2024
consisting of 871,646,772,055
ordinary shares at Baht 1 each

Paid-UP Capital
11,444,458,319.00 baht as of 15/01/24
consisting of 11,444,458,319.00
ordinary shares at Baht 1 each

Thai %
Foriegn %

The Federation of Thai Industries
The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand
South East Asia Iron & Steel Institute
World steel Association
Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand
Thailand Business Councill for Sustainable Development

Number of Employees
1,258 persons as of 31/12/2023