General Information

General Information

Type of Business
Manufacture and sale of hot rolled coils and hot rolled coil pickled and oiled with maximum capacity of 4.0 million tonnes per year

Company Registration
as a Company Limited on March 13, 1990
as a Public Company Limited on February 24, 1994

February 1994


The Board of Investment promotional certificate
No. 1140/2533 issued on August 8, 1990

Main Machine
Hot Rolling Mill and Push-Pull Pickling Line

Hot rolled steel sheet in coils
Weight 5 – 31 tonne/coil
Thickness 0.9-20.0 mm
Hot rolled steel sheet – pickled and oiled (Cleanstrip)
Weight 5 – 32 tonne/coil
Thickness 1.0-7.0 mm
Width 750-1,550 mm

Raw Material
Steel slab
Weight 5 – 32 tonne/slab
Thickness 160 – 250 mm
Width 750-1,560 mm

To be used as raw material for such industries as construction, pipe & tube, gas cylinder, container, furniture, automotive, and cold rolled steel

Registered Capital
50,263,663 thousand baht as of 30/06/2016
consisting of 50,263,663
ordinary shares at Baht 1 each

Paid-UP Capital
32,166,262 thousand baht as of 30/06/16
consisting of 32,166,262
ordinary shares at Baht 1 each

Thai %
Foriegn %

South East Asia Iron
Steel Institute

Number of Employees
1,259 persons as of 31/12/2022