Social Sustainability Management

Social Sustainability Management

Social Policy and Guidelines

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Public Co., Ltd., or SSI, has a policy to conduct business with social responsibility by adhering to business ethic and business operation philosophy which has been shaped to the means to push, drive, develop and grow sustainably. As a part of the society which any social change will definitely affect the Company, the Company therefore realizes that it has duty and responsibility to develop both business and society simultaneously, by emphasis on the community engagement to create better society as well as to preserve, develop and conserve environmental conditions continually.

Result of Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Resources Management Policy

1.Workforce Planning. In 2022, there were strategic management on workforce planning and improvement of organization structure and functions of business units to support for the growth of the Group. Recruitment process has also been improved to find the personnel suitable with the business growth plan of the Company. 

Apart from workforce planning by employment, the Company also supported the project on employment of the persons with disabilities on social aspect pursuant to Section 35 (of the Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act, BE 2550) in type of hire employment service, of the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor. The Company employed 10 persons with disabilities under such project for the supporting works in the public interest service centers in community areas closed to their houses, such as, sub-district health promoting hospital, child center/school, career rehabilitation center for the person with disabilities, service center for the person with disabilities of the municipality and the sub-district administration organization throughout the country. Objectives of such project are to create employment opportunity for the persons with disabilities so they can have income to support their family, to rely on themselves, as well as to lift up quality of life and reduce social inequality.

2. Employee Development. The Company has personnel’s potential development process which conform to the work position in each level and can support the business growth plan. The Company has the policy on arrangement of training courses to the employees at all levels continually to develop the competency that the employees need to have (training need) and to arrange the courses specified by the laws, such as (1) management course, (2) working behavior course, (3) specific work technical course, (4) productivity enhancement course, (5) quality-related course, and (6) occupational safety and environment course. 

The Company also arranged additional important training courses as follows: 

  1. Effective job teaching technique course (master trainer) for 2 classes. This course can create 12 internal lecturers to transfer knowledge to the employees in the organization.   
  2. Management courses, such as, School of Management Course 300 Series, School of Business  
  3. Knowledge and skill development courses conforming to business directions and goals, such as design and implementation of course outline for internal training corresponding to knowledge and skill development as per training road map.  

In 2022, the Company has arranged internal trainings to employees at all levels totaled 114 courses (192 times). Average number of training hours or activities to develop knowledge of the employees was 22.02 hours per person per year from the target of 15 hours per person per year.

Besides internal training courses, the Company also encouraged the employees to attend external courses with domestic and overseas institutes to enhance their skills, knowledge and experiences so that they can effectively apply with their works. Study visit tours have also been arranged for the employees at the leading and successful companies in the same and different industry.    

3. Embed Corporate Culture and Increase Employee Engagement. Emphasize on employee engagement through presentation and activities arrangement to make the employees realize the Company’s value which will effectively lead to mutual working culture and behavior. In 2022, survey result on employee engagement level was 81.06%, increased from 78.05% in 2021. 

4. Diversity and Equal Opportunity. The Company has diversity with regards to race, gender, and age. Diversity can inspiringly respond to the different needs of stakeholders and changing in nature of businesses. The Company has specified qualifications for recruitment and human resource development to prepare for the fairly growth in career path.  

5. Employee Well-being. The Company has established welfare committee whose members have been elected as representatives from employees so that they can express opinion equally. At present, there are 21 employees’ representatives.  

Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental  

The Company managed and developed its occupational health, safety and working environment on continued basis with aims to make the employees realize and put emphasis on taking care of themselves and their colleagues so they can work safely without having occupational accidents through various projects. 

1. Safety projects, such as Zero Accident Campaign, Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Project, Safety Patrol and employee health surveillance from exposure of operational risks. The occupational health, safety and working environment committee had been appointed to supervise, monitor and provide guidelines to improve safety in all areas of the plant sites with active support from all departments.

2.Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Training

In 2022, the Company arranged 40 occupational health and working environment training courses and reviewed working standards of all activities to ensure that they are up to date, can control risks and the employees can actually perform as per specified.  

3.Emergency Preparedness and Fire Prevention

In 2022, a total of 24 emergency response drills in various areas were arranged. Approximately 70% of the Company’s employees have attended basic fire-fighting training courses in accordance with the law.  

In 2022, LTIFR per one million working hours of the Company was 0, the excellent statistic, for the fourth consecutive years. Overall LTIFR of Sahaviriya Steel Group is 1.49, increased from the last year which was at 0.74 because other companies in Sahaviriya Steel Group encountered the lost time injury. However, the injured employees had been treated and could resume working normally. The management of Sahaviriya Steel Group still supported the occupational accident reduction campaigns and cultivated the employees’ awareness on safety solemnly and continually.  

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) per One Million Working Hours of SSI Group
 * LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) = (Number of lost time injuries in accounting period) / (Total hours worked in accounting period) x 1,000,000

* Data as of December 31, 2022.

Fair Trade 

The Company is well aware about fair treatment to trade competitors by complying with the legal provisions of the public sectors, such as, Trade Competition Act B.E. 2560 (2017), and Prices of Goods and Services Act B.E. 2542 (1999). The Company shall not seek for confidential information of trade competitor by using impropriate or dishonest means and shall not defame or adversely accuse the trade competitors. The Company shall work together to jointly drive for the policies which are beneficial to the industry. 

Moreover, the Company acts as a spearhead on establishment of the Association of Thai Hot-Rolled Flat Steel where the management of the Company, trade competitors and trade partners are the directors. Joint meetings and activities have been arranged constantly and get-together meeting with the management of trade competitors had also been held to strengthen good relationship, exchange experiences, promote and drive for trade policy and fair competition through the government agencies or other relevant agencies. The Company is also in the forefront on building cooperation of the 9 domestic steel producers association groups (previously there were 7 associations) with total members of 516 companies to strengthen the domestic steel producers in pushing forward the public sectors’ policiesThe latest effort was to drive for an amendment and enforcement of the Anti-dumping and Countervailing Act B.E. 2562 (2019) by adding legal provision on countermeasures for circumventing trade measures with effective on November 2020, and driving for an enactment of relevant subordinate legislation, i.e., notification of the Ministry of Commerce and notification of the Department of Foreign Trade to enhance fair business from other countries for steel and other industries which will have impact to overall domestic economy. In addition, the Company’s representatives have been appointed to be the management in the Federation of Thai Industries and the management in the steel industries groups to drive for the policy supporting domestic steel industries, such as support the government procurement policy by jointly driving for policies of the supervising committee on registration of local products and issuance of Made In Thailand products certification and to further develop to the Steel Industry 4.0.    

Sustainable Development Activities 

The Company determined to develop society and community pursuant to the sustainable development guidelines and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by integrating BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) Economy Model with the organization’s activities to create balance and benefit to economy, society and environment, create mutual value with the stakeholders and sustainably strength. The Company divided the operations into 3 parts,

1.Sharing sustainable development knowledge to employees by the SD School project. Employees can implement SD knowledge to their operations for business sustainability.

2.Developing social capital to stakeholders such as;

1.)Prevention and Solution on COVID-19 Pandemic Problems with Save Bangsaphan Cooperation Project by means of Cooperation with the relevant public sectors and networks to jointly prevent and solve problems, Protective equipment support, Communication support for hazard prevention 

2.)Supporting sport campaign by sponsoring PT Prachuap FC Football Club to promote good sport reputation in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province and inviting youth to join exercising

3.)Social Responsibility, to encourage the underprivileged to enhance their quality of life and opportunity to develop their potentials by means of Konlhek Mini Marathon and sport equipment-scholarship to students in the bordering province 

3.The Company has launched many projects for developing communities and aims to strengthen the community and society on livelihood, by putting emphasis on participation SSI employees, people in community and relevant agencies on educational projects, environmental preservation and conservation projects, career and income development, and religion and culture nurturingThe community development is a process aimed at growing Bangsaphan District in 3 dimensions of sustainability development, Social, Economy and Environment.