Save Bangsaphan Project

As a result of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic situations which widely impacted people everywhere, therefore, the Company synergized with the public sectors and civic sectors to arrange Save Bangsaphan Project to support and undertake operations pursuant to the COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures for the employees within Sahaviriya Group and the surrounding communities with objectives to keep the employees, general public, Bangsaphan communities, public health personnel, and the officers who have duties to take precaution and prevention of pandemic safe or to minimize impacts from infection. Operations undertaken included provision of knowledge on COVID-19 infection prevention, support the local career groups to produce fabric face masks to use in replacement of medical face mask which were shortage at that time as they were necessary for medical personnel and the monks throughout Bangsaphan District, provision of instant meals, alcohol gel to 11 COVID-19 screening and inspection points all through Bangsaphan District and Too Pun Suk (sharing pantries).  

The Company also provided approximately 10,000 hen’s eggs and duck eggs to Bangsaphan District Office to further distribute to the local people; personal protective equipment (PPEs) to Prachuab Khirikhan Province; rescue and paramedic kits to Sawang Rat Sattha Tham Sathan Foundation Bangsaphan; infrared temperature sensors to Bangsaphan Public Health District; COVID-Clear Gate to Bangsaphan District Office; face masks, N95 face masks, PPEs and UV Sterilizers to Bangsaphan Hospital. SSI also jointly designed and provided budget to construct 2 negative pressure rooms for usage in emergency room and in dentistry room of Bangsaphan Hospital including supported the construction of the 10th field hospital in Samut Sakorn Province, and etc.