SSI Supports Sufficiency Economy in School Project at Ban Tung Chueak School

Mr. Padungsak Pranudomrat, Assistant Vice President, Group Sustainable Development and Communication, Sahaviriya Steel Industries Public Co., Ltd. (“SSI”), represented SSI to deliver the Sufficiency Economy in School for Sustainable Development Project to Mr. Jongrak Watsati, Director of Ban Tung Chueak School, Ronthong Sub-district, Bangsaphan District, Prachuab Khirikhan Province. The school committee, community leaders and the students’ parents also participated in and jointly congratulated at this event. The objectives of this project are to promote the right knowledge and understanding on sufficiency economy principle in schools and communities in order to create prototype sufficiency economy learning center in schools on sustainable basis as well as to help school reduce food costs. Other benefits of this project are that it can generate income to the students who participated in this activity and the students can apply knowledge gained for benefits of livelihood in their daily life.