Sahaviriya Steel Industries PCL

Sahaviriya Steel Industries PLC or SSI is Southeast Asia’s largest producer of hot rolled steel sheet in coils (HRC), with 4 million tons annual capacity. SSI endeavors to supply premium-grade steel sheets to cater for the region’s growing demand in various sectors such as automobile, energy, transportation and construction sectors. Our people’s passion and energy is captured in the Company’s vision statement – “Leading and trusted steel company in innovation and business solution” and Company’s mission statement – “Innovate premium value steel product, service and market for customers and consumers; create sustainable shared value and trust for stakeholders”

Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet PCL

Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Co., Ltd., or TCR, was established in 1995 as a joint venture between SSI and a number of leading Japanese companies, namely NKK Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, Tomen Corporation, Nichimen Corporation, Okura & Co., Ltd., and Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd.. TCR was granted investment privileges by the Board of Investment to be the first company in Thailand to produce cold-rolled steel sheet in coil. Costing over 13.5 billion baht, or approximately US$540 million, TCR’s cold strip mill is located in Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Khirikhan Province. Production commenced in July 1997, and the plant now has a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per year. The plant uses hot-rolled steel sheet in coil as its raw material.

Cold-rolled steel sheet is used in the manufacture of automobiles, electrical appliances, furniture, packaging, and various types of coated steel, and in construction.

Thai Coated Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd

Thai Coated Steel Sheet Co., Ltd., or TCS, is the first company in Thailand to produce electro-galvanized steel sheet in coils. It was founded in 1992 as a joint venture between SSI and three Japanese companies, namely NKK Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, and Itochu Corporation.

TCS has been granted investment privileges by the Board of Investment to produce galvanized steel sheet by electrolytic coating process. Costing 2.45 billion baht, or approximately US$100 million, TCS’s plant began production in February 1994 with a capacity of 180,000 tonnes per year. The main raw material used is cold-rolled steel sheet.

Electro-galvanized steel sheet is more resistant to corrosion than ordinary cold-rolled steel sheet. The smoothness of the surface and the chemicals applied to it facilitate the coating process. The end-product is ideal for work that demands an attractive finish, such as automobiles, computers, and electrical appliances that include video players, televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. Consumer demand is causing manufacturers to rely more upon galvanized steel than ever before for products that are both beautiful and durable.

West Coast Engineering Co.,Ltd

West Coast Engineering Co., Ltd., or WCE, was established in 1999 with a registered capital of 50 million baht, and is a 100%-owned subsidiary of SSI. In 2001 WCE’s registered capital was increased to 75 million baht.

Scope of Business

  • Designing, approving, and consulting for civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering, and supervising construction and installation of machinery for clients
  • Maintenance service for plant and machinery
  • Manufacturing of spare parts
  • Research and development
  • Approval and consultation for the repair, maintenance, and installation of electrical systems and equipment, electronic equipment, control panels, and communications equipment
  • Repair and maintenance for buildings, offices, and office systems, such as waterworks, electrical systems, telephone systems, and cooling systems
  • Cleaning services for plants and offices

Prachuap Port Co.,Ltd

Protecting the Environment,Developing the Economy, Welcoming to Service Users
Prachuap Port Co., Ltd., or PPC, is a subsidiary of SSI, established at a cost of over 1.4 billion baht, or approximately US$55 million, and supported by investment privileges from the Board of Investment. PPC is a private enterprise operating the deepest seaport facilities in Thailand. Its two berths serve mainly to unload raw materials and load finished iron and steel products manufactured in the district of Bang Saphan, Prachuap Khirikhan Province, although it provides port services and facilities for all sorts of other ocean-going vessels.

The Main Berth
The Main Berth began offering service in February 1994. This berth is 30 metres wide, 450 metres long, has a dockside MSL depth of 15 metres, and can dock two ships of 100,000 DWT each.

The Second Berth
The Second Berth began offering service in April 1994. This berth is 25 metres wide, 245 metres long, has a dockside MSL depth of 8-11 metres, and can dock two ships of 20,000 DWT each.

Scope of Business

  • Unloading and loading ocean-going cargo.
  • Transshipment of cargo to and from ocean-going and coastal vessels of all types.
  • Docking services.

Storage of various goods in temporary storage facilities or bonded warehouses.
Prachuap Port has installed breakwater technology from France that employs Accropode® concrete barriers to interrupt incoming waves rather than natural stones.