Community Development

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Community Development

Society & Community

Mindful of its social responsibilities, SSI seeks to strangthen local community life through our support for education, sport, culture, environment, and society

Building Thai Society and Thai Communities Together

Under business philosophy, Sahaviriya Steel Industries Public Limited Company dedicates itself to be a part of driving forces to develop the societies in parallel with the business development, by forming the steel industrial companies in Sahaviriya Group at Bang Saphan into an association called “Sahaviriya Relations”, to undertake projects to enhance quality of life of local communities on education, career and income, to enrich society and culture as well as to protect and restore natural environment.

Social and Community Responsibilities

The Company pays attention to the growth of business development as well as the commitment to reward societies and communities on a constant basis by adhering to missions of “quality-of-life enhancement, environmental conservation and social responsibilities” because the Company realized that strong foundation of society starting from “giving”. So the Company emphasized on educational development, career and income enhancement , religion fostering, quality of life of people in the societies and restoration of environment by taking into consideration all target groups in the surrounding communities, as well as the unprivileged children and youth in the societies. The Company has undertaken many activities which were beneficial to communities and societies in various aspects, for instance:

Educational Development

Education is the major elements in developing national resources. Educational development to children and youth is the mission that has to be done on continued basis. The Company supported and developed educational institutes, teachers and students for it is aware that resourceful educational facilities coupled with knowledgeable teachers with teaching skills can create good students to be the main forces to strengthen and develop the prosperity of communities and societies. Accordingly, the Company cooperated with the government agencies, i.e. District Educational Office of Prachuab Khirikhan Province and government official responsible for education to conduct the following activities to maximize these purposes:

  • Support funds to improve computer rooms, science rooms, libraries and academic meeting rooms for Bang Saphan Wittaya School, Ban Suan Luang School.
  • Support funds to hire kindergarten teachers, English teachers and music teachers for schools in Bang Saphan district, such as Bang Saphan School, Ban Suan Luang School.
  • Support funds to develop teaching materials and educational buildings at Ban Ta Kham School and Soth Suksa Thapparat School.
  • Project to enhance knowledge to teachers and educational management.
  • Workshop to enhance instructing skills and techniques to teachers on arts, mathematics and Thai language.
  • Project to grant annual scholarships to students in Bang Saphan communities and scholarships for continuous Bachelor and Master-level studies.
  • Projects on Youth Camp, Summer Camp, Art Camp, Environment Camp.
  • Annual scholarship drawing contest for students at Bang Saphan schools.
  • Project to prepare readiness for admission into universities.
  • Project to promote outstanding people of Bang Saphan to Excellency.
  • Project on Knowledge Bridge to Communities.

Career and Income Enhancement

The Company believes that peaceful society where everyone can live happily comes from environmental foundation that everyone in the communities has career and income adequately to support each others. This is the reason why the Company places importance on career development in the communities by supporting projects to develop main and environmentally friendly agricultural plants in the communities including to provide knowledge on producing local products by collaboration with many local agencies, i.e. District Agricultural Office, Land Development Office and Community Development Office of Prachuab Khirikhan Province. Activities conducted by the Company during the past years included:

  • Project to support production of 1,000 tons of organic fertilizer for agricultural purposes throughout Bang Saphan District.
  • Project to arrange seminar on agricultural knowledge and technology of main economical plants of Bang Saphan.
  • Project to develop knowledge on local products for housewives groups.

Cultural and Social Enhancement

Contentment of the local people is very crucial for living in the societies, so the Company strongly supports activities on religions and creation of beautiful traditional cultures so that it will always stay with the way of life of the communities. Activities performed by the Company were as follows:

  • Project to provide healthcare knowledge to the elderly.
  • Project to arrange activities on Elderly Day, National Mother Day and National Father Day.
  • Project to enhance and develop knowledge to community leaders’ group.
  • Support the construction of local educational center building.
  • Arrange merit making ceremonies, i.e. Kathin and Pha Pa Samakkee with the Company’s management and employees at various temples in the communities.
  • Support the restoration of temples and the construction of the communities’ offices.

Environmental Restoration and Protection

Main duties in conducting business are responsibility and protection of the environment including the local natural resources. The Company places importance on controlling its environmental system in the production process effectively to reduce impacts to environment. Results from these efforts made the Company received many environmental awards from the supervising government agencies. However, the Company is not only taking care of environment within the organization, but also adhering to responsibilities to environment and natural resources of the communities. The Company joined hands with the Sahaviriya Group of Companies, public and private sectors, teachers, students and general public in the Company to conduct the following activities:

  • Project to restore Mae Rumphueng National Park and free aquatic animals into the sea on the occasion of His Majesty King’s Birthday.
  • Bang Saphan Beach Conservation Project on the occasion of Her Majesty Queen’s Birthday.
  • Project to support Mae Ramphueng Mangrove Development Study Center.
  • Project to support study center on environmental development for study purpose.
  • Environmental conservation youth camp project.

Social Responsibility

In pursuing activities for overall benefits, the Company is concerned for societies in macro level. Social responsibility is regarded as one of missions and policies of the Company with intention to be one of the forces to drive Thai society for sustainable development. Therefore the following projects have been undertaken:

  • Modern Agriculture, ‘SSI in collaboration with Rajaprajanugroh’ with aims to make students of Rajaprajanugroh School to be able to learn about modern agricultural technology, hydroponics farm from actual operations, so that they can adapt knowledge they gained for their career life in the future. Moreover, it can be further developed to be lunch project for school pupils and project to increase income to school, as well as to be modern agricultural prototype for villages in the local communities. The Company has received assistance from Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage to undertake the first hydroponics project at Rajaprajanugroh School 27, Nongkhai Province.
  • Silp San Fan Pun Namjai or ‘Art from the Heart’ Project is the activity arranged for unprivileged children with aims to build up drawing skills so they can practice drawing from artists and can use their imagination to create their own art works.

Moreover, the Company also provided assistance to natural disaster victims regularly, for example by contributing the construction of new houses for Tsunami victims at Ban Nam Kem after Tsunami disaster including many activities as follows:

  • Project to help and relief flood victims by cooperation with Sahaviriya Group of Companies to contribute commodities and consumer products to flood victims in Uttradit Province.
  • Project to fight coldness by cooperation with Sahaviriya Group of Companies to contribute blankets and winter jackets to those in needs in Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son Provinces.
  • Contribution of commodities and consumer products to flood victims through 1st Army Support Command.

These are part of activities that the Company contributed to societies and communities because the Company is deeply aware of good consciousness to Thai society and always realizes that bright and prosperous future of the country lies on the cooperation of all people.