Hot Rolled Coil Pickled & Oiled

Hot Rolled Coil Pickled & Oiled

Product Characteristics


Specification:Available for all international standards
Specific coil weight:Maximum 20 Kg/mm width
Coil inside diameter:508 mm (20″) or 610 mm (24″) at customer option
Coil outside diameter:Maximum 2,100 mm
Oil type:Light and clear oil
Edge trimming:Available on request
Skinpass surface:Available on request
Dimension & tolerance:As per reference specification

Standard Packing

Steel Packing


Hard Plastic Packing


Paper Packing

Example of Label

Push Pull Pickling Line (PPPC)


This type of hot-rolled steel sheet is given an acid bath and treated with a fine coating of oil to protect the surface from rust. It is ideal for further processing, such as cutting and shaping, galvanizing, and painting, for use in the automotive, furniture, and electrical
appliance industries. It can also be cut into coils of the desired thickness for use in the production of steel pipe. Pickled and oiled hot-rolled steel sheet can also be substituted for cold-rolled steel sheet thicker than 1.2 mm.