Bangsaphan Car Free Day

SSI joined forces with SSI Group arranged “Bangsaphan Car Free Day 2019” on September 22, 2019. This project has been arranged for 9th consecutive years with aim to raise awareness of global warming among people in Bangsaphan District, reduce energy usage and support bicycle riding for good health. The 11-km bicycle ride trip attracted 367 people to cycle back and forth from Bangsaphan District Office to Bangsaphan Wittaya School. In addition, Bangsaphan people were asked to stop using motorized vehicles for 30 minutes from 8.00-8.30 AM. This activity helped reduce 1,412.95 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (KgCo2e). Combined amount of carbon dioxide emission reduction resulted from this activity since 2011 to date totaled 21,807.87 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (KgCo2e).

Moreover, SSI and SSI Group also arranged Ride for Smile Project, a project under Two Wheels Preserve Bangsaphan Project, to encourage people in Bangsaphan District to join bicycle trips for good health, reduce energy usage and create social contribution. In 2019, Ride for Smile Project has been held 3 times with total 271 participants and they could help reduce approximately 1,290.48 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (KgCo2e).