Corporate News

Corporate News

SSI-Thai steel giants arrange 15th Konlhek Mini Marathon, raised accumulated 37.2 MB funds to support the underprivileged

Determine to develop quality of life of personnel sustainably, SSI Received Award on Good Role Model Organization on Labor Relations

SSI receives 1st Runner Up Award at ASEAN Energy Awards 2023. Aims to Achieve Net Zero Emissions.

SSI Bangsaphan Plant received Eco Factory Award in Gold Plus Level

Determine to innovation – increase business opportunities, SSI received the certificate on Innovation Management System

TGO presented honorably certificate to SSI for piloting the business sector in reduction of greenhouse gas

SSI received the Excellence Award on Energy Conservation 2023 and represented Thailand to participate in the contest at ASEAN level.

SSI opened the environmentally building office, the work of SSI Building Technology Operating Unit (BDT)

SSI saves the world: Hot Rolled Coil Pickled & Oiled (HRC P/O) has been certified with the Carbon Footprint Label

SSI-SRT trialed transportation of HRC by rail

SSI Group arranged the 2023 Supplier Seminar, focusing on sustainable procurement.

SSI partnered with 10 Thai business sectors geared towards Net Zero

SSI Group strengthened public health of the communities by supplying a negative pressure to Bangsaphan Hospital

SSI received the ISO 56002-2019 Standard Certification

SSI and 5 partners arranged 2022 Konlhek Mini Marathon for Society. Total fund could be raised for the underprivileged of 34 MB from the 14 years of event.

To help reduce cost of living of Bangsaphan people, SSI Group arranged “The Half-Half Co-payment Market”

2022 SSI Group Ruam Pattana Festival, Sustainable Development of Bangsaphan with BCG Model

SSI Group arrange plogging activity on Thai Environment Day.

SSI-DPIM-SUT successfully transformed deteriorated hydrochloric acid to raw material for production of rustproof paint

“SSI PostConnex” innovative steel for construction works, fulfilled requirements on application for international patent

SSI emphasized on usage of resources pursuant to circular economy principle: Received 3 awards on effective industrial waste management.

Aiming to build labor relations-welfare standards, SSI received the most prestigious award for the 20th Year.

SSI took part as the pilot plant on Development of Economic Mechanism Project to Determine Carbon Pricing – Investment on Reduction of GHG

SSI fortified PT Prachuap F.C. Kickoff this year’s Thai league

SSI with 5 partners established CCUS Consortium aiming to Net Zero Target

Special promotion to welcome the SSI steel online customers. Maximum discount for up to 30 tons of steel will be provided on MyWaWa

SSI Group–Bangsaphan Fishery Network arranged FADs laying at Klong Pakpid Beach to increase the amount of aquatic animals

SRT Governor accelerated rail route connecting transportation system to support Bangsaphan steel industries

TISI Secretary-General visited Thung Pradoo Creative Industry Village, SSI jointly supported and added value to community capital.

SSI launched online steel shop on MyWaWa

SSI signed MOU with POSCO-TCS to supply low carbon eco-friendly galvanized steel.

SSI revealed that steel used in Thailand increased by 5% from the continuous industries. Russia-Ukraine war led to the increased cost of steel. Sale target of hot rolled steel sheet in coils is set to 15% growth in 2022.

SSI Group responded to Policy of Ministry of Labor, Support Employment of 26 Persons with Disabilities on Social Aspect

Prevention and solving COVID-19 pandemic problems

Scholarships for Students in the Community Project

SSI Board of Directors approved the appointment of “Mr. Nava Chantanasurakon” to be a new President

To enhance efficiency on storage of COVID-19 vaccines for communities, SSI Group donated a vaccine storage box to Bangsaphan Hospital

Sahaviriya Steel Group joined forces with its suppliers constructed negative pressure room at Bangsaphan Hospital

SSI Group distributing infrared thermometers and alcohol gel to reinforce guard against COVID-19 to 42 schools in Bangsaphan

SSI Group reinforced guard against COVID-19 by distributing “alcohol gel” to Bangsaphan Community

Enhance greenhouse gas management mechanism at national level, SSI signed MOU to expand results from preparation of carbon footprint

Steel Innovation for Safety of Bangsaphan Community. SSI-WCE-Innovation Group joined hands with DRR on construction of steel-rubber guardrail for motorcycle.

Konlhek Mini Marathon (Virtual Run) 2020

Term Khwarm Fun Pun Khwarm Roo Project 2020

Save Bangsaphan Project

Sahaviriya Ruam Pattana Project 2020

SSI Group Annual Scholarships

Kon Lhek Mini Marathon 2019

Bangsaphan Car Free Day

Thailand Energy Awards 2018

“10th SSI Beach Clean-up Activity”

“SSI Group ARSA”

“Sahaviriya Bangkok Triathlon 2018”

Provision of senior project funds under “SSI for Young Engineers” Program, the 1st year

SSI Group Arranged “Fulfill the Dream and Share Knowledge” Project, To Enhance Capability of Bangsaphan Youth for Admission to the University

SSI Supports Sufficiency Economy in School Project at Ban Tung Chueak School

SSI organizes “To Be Engineer project” #12 Guide Bangsaphan youths the road to becoming a professional engineer

SSI acquires Outstanding Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities Award 2017

10th Kon-lek Mini Marathon anniversary raises 24 MB in total This year 2.38 MB was raised for the underprivileged

Care for Our Planet, Our Home SSI-Bangsaphan people join Beach Clean-Up on World Environment Day 2017

SSI co-hosts merit-making ceremonies dedicated to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej

SSI receives honorable plaque from HRH Princess Soamsawali

SSI receives EIA Monitoring Awards 2016

‘Stronger SSI’ Annul Business Plan Conference 2017

Congratulations to SSI on receiving Outstanding Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities Award 2016

SSI hands over hydroponic vegetable green house to Banthongmongkol School

SSI receives Outstanding Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities Award 2016

SSI-TCRSS receive Green Meetings Certificate

3 companies of SSI Group receive Thailand Outstanding Role Model Company Award for Safety, Occupational Health

SSI Group wish His Majesty the King good health

SSI supports as title sponsor for Sahaviriya Bangkok Triathlon 2016 to honour the King

SSI cleans up Mae Ramphueng Beach on the World Environment Day

SSI joins forces with TBCSD to push forward greenhouse gas reduction

Prachuap Khiri Khan Governor visits SSI’s HSM

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports its Q4 and year 2015 operating result

SSI supports sanitation for youths in Bangsaphan District

SSI certified for anti-corruption practices by CAC

SSI receives Outstanding Labour Welfare/Relations Award for 10 consecutive years

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports its Q2 of 2015 operating result

3 affiliates of SSI Group receive Thailand Outstanding Company Award for Safety, Occupational Health

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports Q1/2015 operating result

SSI receives Certificate of ESG100 Company

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports Q4 and year 2014 operating result

SSI receives PM Award 2014 for Outstanding Productivity

SSI receives EIA Monitoring Awards 2014

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports Q3 and 9 months of 2014 operating result

5 steel companies hold “Thailand Iron Man Mini Marathon 2014” Raise fund to support the underprivileged

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports Q4 and Year 2013 operating result

Bangsaphan School wins THB 1.2 million funds from “Sahaviriya Fund for Bangsaphan Educational Development 2014” # 3rd Generation

Sahaviriya Group presents 2014 Annual Scholarships for students in Bangsaphan

Sahaviriya Steel Industries PLC. report Q1/2014 Operating Result

SSI holds the 25th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports Q4 and Year 2013 operating result

SSI UK Reaches 5 Million Tonnes Slab Production The 50th shipment bound for SSI Bangsaphan

SSI Bangsaphan Achieves 30,000,000 tons of HRC

SKIC – WCE sign THB 180 million agreement for supply and service of coal warehouse-coal handling system

SSI gets SET Awards 2013 for Outstanding CSR

SSI receives CSRI Recognition

5 Thai steel giants arrange “Thailand Iron Man Mini Marathon 2013” 2.4 million baht raised for 22 organizations for the underprivileged

SSI reports the result of its fund raising program

SSI wins Prestigious Labour Welfare/Relations Award

SSI’s Conclusion on Loan Rescheduling

Sahaviriya Steel Industries PLC. Reveals its 2012 Operating Result

SSI UK achieves 2 million tonnes of slab production

SSI Achieves 28 MT HRC Production

SSI Supports “Sahaviriya Bangkok Triathlon 2013”

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. reports its Q1/2013 operating result

TCRSS wins Prestigious Thailand Energy Award 2013